Many thanks to all who took part in ‘Making Constitutions, Building Parliaments’. We were delighted that so many of you could join us and share in an intellectually stimulating conference.

Thanks to all of the nearly 150 speakers from Europe, the US and Latin America who gave papers on their specialist research. You can still see the full conference programme available on this website.

Many thanks also to our plenary lecturers – Professor David Carpenter (KCL) on ‘Simon de Montfort, Magna Carta and the development of Parliament’ and Professor Colin Kidd FBA (University of St Andrews) on ‘Founding myths and their Discontents: the British and American Constitutions compared’. More information available here.

We really appreciated the kind welcome to our venues from Professor Adam Sutcliffe, who welcomed us to King’s College at a reception in the Old Rolls Chapel (now party of the Maughan Library, KCL); Professor Jonathan Philips, who welcomed us to Royal Holloway with a reception on the hottest day of the year following our plenary lecture; Professor Lord Norton of Louth, one of the History of Parliament’s trustees welcomed us to Parliament at a reception in the Speaker’s House by kind permission of Mr Speaker (and we were lucky enough to have an impromptu talk from Pugin expert Rosemary Hill).

We hope you all enjoyed the tours of the picture gallery at Royal Holloway, Runnymede meadow and the Palace of Westminster, and of course Friday’s dinner in the Members’ Dining Room, Palace of Westminster.

Special thanks to all at the History of Parliament, KCL, Royal Holloway, UK Parliament 2015 Anniversaries and the Magna Carta 800th Anniversary Organisational Committee for their support. A very big thank you as well to our volunteers – Adriaan Berfelo, Alexander Brondarbit, Zosia Edwards, Stephen Pearce and Euan Roger – for all their support and enthusiasm.

You can see a number of other photographs of the conference on the ICHRPI facebook page, but here are a few of our favourites:

Opening Reception at the Old Rolls Chapel, King's College London

Opening Reception at the Old Rolls Chapel, King’s College London

Visiting Runnymede

Visiting Runnymede

Royal Holloway Boiler House Reception

Royal Holloway Boiler House Reception

4 Speaker's House reception

Speaker’s House Reception

National Projects' Roundtable, Friday afternoon

National Projects’ Roundtable, Friday afternoon

Conference Dinner

Conference Dinner



4 thoughts on “Attending

    • Hi Jim. Of course non-members can attend. We hope to publish the conference fee by the end of the month and it will be announced here as soon as we do.

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