Draft conference programme and conference fees announced

We’re delighted to be able to announce a draft outline programme for ‘Making Parliaments, Building Constitutions’. We received far more paper submissions than it was possible to accommodate, which led to a slight delay in producing the programme. Those who submitted proposals for the conference will be contacted by email.

You can view the draft outline programme here. Please do be aware that this programme is subject to change.

We are also pleased to be able to announce the conference fees, which are:

  • £62 for ICHRPI members and graduate students
  • £82 for all other attendees

This fee covers the three conference days and refreshments, three receptions and transport costs between central London and Royal Holloway (N.b. £2 has been added for payment transaction costs).

The conference dinner, which is scheduled on the evening of Friday 3 July at the Strangers’ Dining Room, House of Commons, is not included in this price. The cost to attend the dinner will be £60 each.

Conference registration forms, payment information, and accommodation suggestions will be available on our website shortly.


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